OCH! Olgoj Chorchoj: Logic of emotion

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The designers and architects Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček jointly established a studio - named Olgoj Chorchoj - in 1990. Since 2000 they have headed the Studio of Product Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Olgoj Chorchoj are amongst the best in their field in both a Czech and global context.

This book presents the professional career of Olgoj Chorchoj in the field of design, architecture and exhibition design in the form of essays by selected authors and a complete inventory of their work to date.

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Olgoj Chorchoj's work from the period 1990-2016 offers a microcosm of the wider context of postcommunist transformation (in design work, art school education, factory production and the reboot of the capitalist market economy). In terms of the history and theory of design, Olgoj Chorchoj is remarkable for its initial inclination towards emotive postmodernism and later tendency towards the austere, logical principles of neomodernism.

The book is being published in association with a retrospective exhibition held at the Museum of Applied Arts, part of the Moravian Gallery in Brno.


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